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Lutheran Lay Renewal of America is a non-profit Christian ministry that offers several options congregations can utilize to promote spiritual renewal, spiritual growth and evangelism. Through our programs we provide opportunities for people in your congregation to strengthen their faith, build deeper Christian community and have a closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our programs also make good community outreach events and we encourage congregations to promote and publicize these events in their communities.

It has always been our policy to serve all Lutheran congregations, regardless of denominational affiliation, and we also are willing to serve any Christian congregation that would like to utilize our ministry. 


Sharing Your Faith workshop - A one hour workshop for adults and teens, usually held on Sunday morning. More info

Renewal Weekend - Our main ministry for 48 years. A Friday evening through Sunday morning event for the entire church family, with separate programs for adults, teens and children. Visiting LLR team members share their persoanl stories of God working in their lives and facilitate small group discussions focused on building Christian community on a deeper spiritual level.  More info

Spot the Spirit Workshop - A one day workshop of teachings and small group discussions focused on being more open to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our congregations. The four sessions of teaching and small group discussion are: Spotting the Spirit at Work in Your Life, Receiving the Spirit's Gifts and Fruit, Growing in Closeness to God and Building up the Fellowship of the Spirit. More info

Spiritual Transformation Retreat - A half day retreat with two sessions: 7 Lessons for Living the Spiritual Life and 10 Stops on the Road to Spiritual Transformation. More info

Lutheran Lay Renewal of America is eligible to receive Choice Dollars Grant Funds from the Thrivent Financial Choice Dollars program. We are very grateful to Thrivent Financial, and those individuals who designate their Choice Dollars to us, for their support of LLRA and its ministry.


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