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Lutheran Lay Renewal of America is a non-profit Christian ministry of lay people who facilitate renewal weekends at churches throughout the United States.We offer the pastor and church leadership the opportunity to strengthen and renew their people for greater involvement in ministry. Our ministry is facilitated by Christian lay team members who come to your church at their own expense, providing minimal cost and maximum benefit to your congregation.  An LLRA Weekend is a fun and joyful experience for the entire congregation and consists of three components: a program for adults, a program for teens, and a program for children, all of which take place simultaneously.

Everything we do on a weekend falls into one of five categories:  worship, prayer, sharing our faith stories, small group discussions, and fellowship.  We begin on Friday evening with a congregational dinner and conclude Sunday following lunch/brunch when the team leaves.  The congregation holds a celebration/sharing/evaluation session following Sunday lunch or Sunday evening. We include the entire church family which enables everyone to attend, participate, and share the experience together.  We provide the leadership and team members to facilitate the entire weekend, and our Weekend Coordinator works very closely with your planning committee during the preparation process.

Planning for each renewal weekend centers around our theme"  "God Loves You, Love One Another."  It is extremely important to develop a sense of ownership with members of your congregation in the planning phase.

Our focus is on congregational and personal renewal which is accomplished through our well-structured format of helping congregations renew their faith in Jesus Christ; to know love share Him. We provide a weekend of LEARNING HOW TO SHARE GOD'S LOVE AND DISCOVERING WAYS TO SHARE THAT LOVE IN OUR EVERYDAY LIFE.



Over the years we have found that what happens on a Renewal Weekend has proven to have a very positive effect on parish life and on individuals. Many have rededicated themselves to serving Jesus Christ in all that they do. Some, for the first time, have come to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Others have gone forward to greater outreach ministry in fulfilling The Great Commission of Jesus Christ. One result that every church experiences is the building of Christian community on a deeper, more spiritual level. Since each congregation is different and the Holy Spirit moves in many ways we cannot guarantee what results may stem from your Renenal Weekend, except to say that lives will be changed. Congregational members often discover new challenges for the future, ways for greater spiritual growth, and a greater community working together in the kingdom of the Lord. Key to this is the on-going follow-up program that is a vital part of our ministry and a crucial component for the church and individuals to be able to move forward in ministry.

Lutheran Lay Renewal of America is eligible to receive Choice Dollars Grant Funds from the Thrivent Financial Choice program. We are very grateful to Thrivent Financial and those individuals who designate their Choice Dollars to us, for their support of LLRA and its ministry.


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